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Comprehensive guide to released and planned 3D movies on DVD.
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Covering the released versions of the popular 3D horror DVD genre.

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Reviews & news of much loved 3D childrens & animated 3D DVD releases.

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Released 3D DVD & 3D Blu Ray Movies - 3D Childrens Movies/Animated Movie List

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 3D
''a wildly entertaining and high quality 3D movie with a superb script, colourful characters, and a clever storyline...''

Fly Me To The Moon 3D
The first feature that was conceived, created and produced in 3D for a 3D only cinema release - astoundingly good 3D effects in a space adventure movie for kids.

Toy Story 3D
Presenting the stunningly entertaining 3D version of one of the most popular ever animated films. See Woody and co in glorious, true to life three dimensions.

A Christmas Carol 3D
''a visually stunning 3D version of Charles Dickins popular Victorian London tale''

Coraline 3D
An intriguing fairytale - the first stop motion 3D movie covers the tale of a girl entering a parallel world where all is not as it seems.

Alice In Wonderland 3D
Watch the immersive 3D version of the popular, imaginative Disney tale.

The Polar Express 3D
The heartwarming tale of the boy who didn't believe in Santa Claus, and the train ride to Santa's home at the North Pole.

Garfields Pet Force 3D

Shrek 3D

Up 3D

Spy Kids 3D

Santa vs The Snowman

Little Hercules 3D

RELEASED 3D DVDs - 3D Horror Movie List

Shock Labyrinth 3D
Japan's first ever made in 3D horror movie - a spooky any mysterious tale based on the world's largest haunted house...The Haunted Hospital.

Monster vs. Aliens

My Bloody Valentine 3D

Final Destination

Friday The 13th Part 3 3D

Jaws 3D

Amityville 3D

Night Of The Living Dead

The Woman In Black

Haunted Castle

3D Adventure Movie List

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth

Discover the high tech 3D version of Jules Vernes famous underground adventure.

Sea Monsters - A Prehistoric Adventure

Call Of The Wild
The uplifting adventure tale where a wolf born in the wild is rescued from injury and transformed into a dog sled champion.

Worlds Greatest Roller Coasters

Mars 3D

The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl 3D

Alien Adventure
3D digitally animated movie where visiting Aliens discover earths attractions. Follow the aliens on a stunning 3D adventure through fairgrounds and roller coasters in a theme park setting.

Ghosts Of The Abyss

3D Music Concert List

Hannah Montana 3D Concert

Jonas Brothers 3D

Trancetrip 3D DVD

U2 3D Concert
Just About The Best Video Guide to Understanding 3D TV Techology
Site DVD Articles
A Christmas Carol 3D

A Christmas Carol 3D

Alice In Wonderland 3D

Alice In Wonderland 3D

Coraline 3D

Coraline 3D

Despicable Me 3D

Despicable Me 3D

The Polar Express 3D

The Polar Express 3D

Legend Of The Guardians 3D

Legend Of The Guardians 3D

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 3D

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 3D

Ice Age 3 3D

Ice Age 3 3D

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know  About 3D and Smart TV     
(Easy to follow guides to 3D and Smart technology, including TVs, Laptops, Monitors, Games & More)
Latest 3D DVD & 3D Blu Ray Movie Releases

In this section we'll list the newly and 'soon to be released' 3D movies which will find their way onto 3D DVD and 3D Blu Ray, either as remakes or after their planned cinema runs.

Jan 2011 -
Saw: The Final Chapter will get a Jan 25 releases on 3D DVD and 3D Blu Ray.

Jan 2011 -
Japanese 3D horror movie coming soon - Shock Labyrinth arrives on DVD later this month. The first Japanese horror movie to be shot in 3D hits the shelves on Jan 31st, and the DVD set includes 3D and 2D versions along with two pairs of 3D glasses.

Jan 2011 -
Disney releases for 2011 - Disney plan to release around 15 movies on 3D Blu-Ray through this year, including such popular epics as Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. The new movie Tron reportedly goes on sale in April in 3D DVD, 3D Blu Ray, and Blu Ray formats.

Nov 10 - Walt Disney plan to release 3D DVD and Blu Ray versions of
A Christmas Carol on November 16th, with the popular tale becoming the first Disney title to be released on 3D Blu Ray. There will be a combo set available which will include the 3D versions and standard DVD versions.

Oct 2010 - Step Up 3D will be available to buy on 3D DVD from 21st December.

Oct 2010 - Feb 2011 will see the start of filming of the ever popular fantasy
The Hobbit in 3D.

May 2010 - Warner Bros and IMAX have announced
joint plans for release of around 20 IMAX movies over the next 3 years.  Films include Batman 3, Dark Shadows, Fury Road, 
The Owls of Ga'Hoole 3D, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 in 3D, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in 3D, Happy Feet 2 3D and The Hobbit.

Dreamworks have announced the sequel to
How To Train Your Dragon 3D. Due for release in 2013.

The stunning 3D movie 'Avatar' broke all records at the box offices, and the recent release on Blu Ray of the 2D version resulted in a reported 1.5 million sales almost overnight. The good news is that
Avatar 3D is planned for release on 3D Blu Ray next year.

The truly creepy movie '
The Ring' is being remade in 3D. Remember the scene where she comes through the TV? I didn't sleep all night the night I watched it..and although I suspect it'll be great, there's no way i ever want to see that in 3D. Heart won't take it! You will not see Ring 3D in cinemas until late 2011 or early 2012.

With a planned release for 2011 -
The Adventures Of Tintin, Secret Of the Unicorn - promises to be the next Avatar, and is being filmed in full 3D CGI.

Saw 3D - Filming has just been completed of the seventh Saw movie. The film is due for release in October 2010.

Little Hercules 3D - Gaiam Inc plan to release Little Hercules 3D on April 27 2010. The action adventure comedy movie tells the story of the early days of the great Greek warrior Hercules told from the perspective of a modern day 12 year old in California.

Piranha 3D - The famous killer fish movie - also known a Piranha 2:The Flying Killers -  is currently being remade with an August 27 release date for cinema showings. The 3D DVD version is scheduled for release in August.

Hubble 3D - Released in IMAX cinemas March 19th - Using the power of the famed Hubble telescope, this film takes you on a trip through space and far away galaxies. You can see the official Hubble 3D trailer on Youtube.

How To Train Your Dragon 3D - Released on Mar 26 2010, How To Train Your dragon is the movie adaptation of 
a book already published in over 30 languages and follows the tale of a boy following a quest to track down the fiercest dragon alive and pass his initiation.

Alice In Wonderland 3D - a creepy, imaginative film from Disney that works exceptionally well in 3D. Released on DVD March 16th.

With the 3D DVD entertainment market showing the early signs of booming growth, there is heavy focus in the movie and 3D technology industry in the development of fully fledged 3D TVs that will deliver the high quality 3D DVD viewing quality that we're all looking for.

The 3D TV developments are still in the early stages - and with the cost of new models likely to be prohibitive in the early distribution days we're currently reliant on the old style 3D glasses to get a fix of true 3D viewing enjoyment.

These glasses have been around for a long time in their basic form, but there are increasing signs that improvement developments are under way. Remember the good old days in home viewing where you got the cardboard glasses delivered in a comic or in your newspaper, ready to watch a special one off showing of a film or clip on TV?

Now the glasses are packaged along with the 3D DVD you've purchased.

Aside from using 3D glasses, there have been opportunities to get a fix of 3D at the IMAX theatres. Thankfully times have moved on.....and now the big film makers appear to be grasping the opportunity and shooting specially made 3D movies for the big cinema screen - with planned future DVD releases for home entertainment.

But 3D technology is developing so fast that very soon the need for 3D glasses will disappear, and with the advent of dedicated 3D TVs, the market for 3D DVD movies is set to explode.

This growing availability of 3D DVD movies is both a blessing and a curse.  For people who love the 3D experience and have already experienced playing 3D games, 3D DVDs are probably a dream come true.  But problems arise if you don’t have a TV or DVD player that accepts 3D.  Problems can also arise among people who don’t like wearing shutter glasses in order to watch their DVDs.

The down side of shutter glasses
Shutter glasses have their own sets of problems.  Some people are sensitive to the flickering that occurs as the lenses alternate between light and dark.  Other people don’t like wearing Bluetooth or any IR (infra red) devices on their heads.  These issues can be enough to suck all of the enjoyment out of watching a 3D DVD.  So as a last resort, finding a system that converts 2D to 3D without requiring glasses might be just what you need.

Tips for watching 3D DVDs
If your TV or DVD player is not 3D ready, but you want to be able to watch 3D movies like Toy Story, you do have some options.   You could ask around to see which one of your relatives or friends may have a player.  Or you might be able to borrow one from your local library, if they have one.  Or if you have a 3D DVD player but a conventional TV rather than a high definition or 3D TV, you can try watching HQFS (high quality field sequential) 3D DVDs using shutter glasses.

3D TV converters
The most recent development in 3D DVD players is in 2D to 3D converters.  These use software that converts traditional 2 dimensional DVDs into 3 dimensions. Some of the systems use wireless 3D glasses, but others don’t require the viewer to wear accessory glasses.  If having to wear the 3D glasses is a big issue for you - some people just don’t like them - then look for a system that doesn’t use glasses....read more on 3D TV convertors...

Tips for buying 3D DVDs
In some cases, you'll have to sit squarely in front of the screen in order to see the 3D effect.  Even a slight movement off-center will result in a 2D viewing experience.  So it’s smart to read all of the specs to make sure you get the kind of player that you really want.   And it would be a good idea to get an in-person look at the make and model that you like before buying, because some of the brands may not deliver exactly what they claim.

If you want to read some technical detail on how our brains 'see' 3D images, there's a superb article on depth perception at Wkipedia.

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Revealing The Latest 3D DVD & 3D Blu Ray News and Reviews
Latest 3D DVD/3D Blu Ray Release News - From the makers of 'the Grudge' - January 2011 sees the DVD release of Shock Labyrinth 3D, Japan's first live action all 3D horror movie. The DVD set contains both 3D and 2D versions.
Jun 2011 - Gamers can look forward to a brand new experience when the Playstation 3D TV hits the shelves later in 2011. Sony announced they'll release the 24 inch set in an attempt to get a head start in the burgeoning 3D games market.
Latest Article - A Quick Guide To Current 3D DVD Releases    
For more info on  3D TV & 3D Blu Ray technology you can visit a new but growing website on 3D TVs at 3DTVs.org.uk.

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